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Bush, Gorbatchev and Arafat each get to go and see God, and are allowed one question.

Bush goes in first. He asks: “when will America rule the entire world?”. God awsners, “it will be in a hundred years”. Bush goes out, crying, and God asks why he is crying, Bush awnsers, “because it will not be in my lifetime”.

Gorbatchev is up next. He asks God: “When will communism be all around the world?”. God awnsers: “it will be in five hundred years”. Gorbatchev goes out, crying, and God asks why he is crying, Gorbatchev awnsers, “because it will not be in my lifetime”.

Finally, it’s Arafat’s turn to ask God a question. He asks: “when will there be peace in the Middle East?”. God starts crying. Arafat asks, “God, why are you crying?”. And God awsnsers, “because it will not be in my time”.


It’s about time for an Israeli joke…

I was told this joke by a shop holder in the christian quarter of the Old City…

A groupe of tourists don’t know that the Wailing Wall is called the Wailing Wall… So when they want to go there, they ask their taxi driver to take them to “the place where all the Jews cry”. The taxi driver says I knows excactly where they wont to go. So he takes them to the tax office.