FOUR MONTHS ! And it still goes on…

FOUR MONTHS ! And it still goes on…

Well I’ve lived in Jerusalem for four months now. You’ll notice I wrote “I’ve lived”, and not “I’ve been”: this just suggest that I’ve actually been living here, that all of it now feels like home.

The regular walk to work. The familiar smell in the souk. The annoying and dumb groups of tourists going down the Via Dolorosa. The call to prayer at 5am. Impatient car drivers. Not eating any pigs. Going to the bank and being greated by a a very unfriendly “what do you want?” Waiting at the checkpoint and showing my passport every time. Kids laughing as they tell me “Hello, welcome!” Eating falafel every other day. Eating pita bread with everything. Drinking coffee the way people drink it here. And so many other things, if I wanted to list them all, I would need a camera following me around 24 hours a day.

The point is, I havn’t been writing much because I’ve been busy trying to live here. However, I never miss an opportunity to take a few pictures or the film unexpected events, just like this one: coming back from Ramallah last Thursday, I randomly got tangled in a concert a Jaffa gate, so I just stayed, watched, and enjoyed.

BONUS !!! Here’s a couple of other videos of the show.




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