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Holidays, holidays, holidays…

Okay, I respect religion, and religious holidays are a part of it.

But seriously, I`m getting tired of having NOTHING to do in Jerusalem…

Nowhere to eat out, go for a drink…

Walking around in the city center and feeling like I`m in a deserted village…

I want Jerusalem to be alive again!


On the road to fame…

Okay, maybe not exactly fame. But when a big website such as the Fair Observer asks if they can republish your article on there website, it`s pretty cool. Especially when they also ask you to send them a picture of yourself so they can add your profile to the “contributors” list. Here is the link:


Yes, I know. I haven`t written enough lately. But it will come back, no worries.

Just to say, it`s the eleventh of September 2013.

So first of all, a thought to all the families of the victims of 9/11 on this day. Being in the Middle East and being constantly under potential threat of terrorists has definitely contributed to make me remember about this day.

Second of all, I have now been here exactly TWO MONTHS, as I arrived on the eleventh of July. I still can`t believe how fast it`s going. There`s still so much more to do and see.

The new issue of the PIJ has been printed and we`ve prepared the distribution yesterday by putting about 1000 magazines in envelopps, sticking the adresses on them, and sticking stamps. The topic of this issue is “A Middle East Without Weapons of Mass Destruction”. If anyone is interested, send me a message and I`ll have a copy sent out to you.

I still look like a tourist.

Tour guide wanting to know if I need help: “Hello! How can I help you? Are you Polish or German?”
“I’m French and English… But nice try…”
“Oh! Welcome to Jerusalem!”
“Thanks, I’ve been here two months”.

Rosh Hashanah

Apparently, we’re not in 2013 anymore.

We’ve jumped to year 5774.

I’m just saying… Happy Jewish New Year, whatever that means.