Ein Kerem – July 16th

Just had a little evening walk around Ein Kerem, a village famous for christian pilgrims, as it is the place where Marie met up with her cousin to tell her she was pregnant…

The main holy sites are the fountain from which Marie drunk (as if she only drunk water once in her life…) and the Church of the Visitation. There’s also a big monastry there.

The village used to be a very poor place where there was a lot of Yeminites. Today, some of the richest people in Jerusalem live there and it’s become quite secular, you can find open restaurants and bars on saturdays I think.

Sorry about the quality of the photos, I’m not very acquinted to night time pictures yet.

This is the famous fountain…


This is the Church of the Visitation…


And this is a nice view that explains why it’s so expensive to live in Ein Kerem… Actually it doesn’t explain much. If it was a picture taken in the day light, it would show better. But I can only do with what I have, so that’ll have to be enough for today!


Good night everyone! I’ll carry on my discovery of Christian tales in Bethlehem tomorrow!


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